Imagine™ Zirconia


"Finally, a highly translucent monolithic zirconia, with twice the strength of lithium disillicate and comparable to Zenostar® prices." -Cindy Turner, CDT, All Ceramic Manager

Our newest zirconia offering, this blend of 80% Zirconia and 20% Alumnia provide the same precise fit of Zenostar® with the translucency of e-max® and twice the strength.  At 769 MPa, Imagine™ is recommended for all teeth in the posterior up to 3 unit bridges and even for some anterior cases.  Due to the translucency, Imagine™ crowns like e-max®, cannot be used with the stump shade is dark.  Preparation requirements are similar to e-max®.

Nakanishi Imagine™ Zirconia Flyer


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Nakanishi Imagine Zirconia